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Strengthen CX by Introducing Sentiment Analysis to These 3 Channels

While qualitative information from metrics such as NPS, CES, and CSAT is beneficial for understanding how your business is performing, sentiment analysis...

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The Soft Skills Essential to CX Success

For Customer Experience and Service success, soft skills are essential to building and strengthening rapport and relationships with customers. Not only are...

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Essential Priorities for Improving Survey Design

Whether you are designing a survey for the first time or want to give your existing surveys a refresh, we’ve narrowed down the essential priorities of survey...

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4 Behaviours of Loyal Customers

Having satisfied customers is excellent, but having loyal customers is even better, as they continue to return to your business and have higher lifetime...

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How To Craft Survey Invitations for Higher Response Rates

The survey invitation will ultimately convince or entice your customers to give feedback, so it is just as important as the survey design itself. Consider...

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The Importance of Delivering Omnichannel CX

It is essential to offer your customers effortless experiences to keep them coming back. An omnichannel approach facilitates this, with seamless movement...

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