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Why Social Listening is a Necessity for CX Success

Social listening can help companies build superior content, improve promotional campaigns and exceed customer experience and expectations. Opening the doors to...

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Making CX a Top Priority

In today’s digital age, companies can no longer think that having a good product or service offering at the right price can attract customers. Customers only...

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Revisiting The 3 Most Popular CX Metrics

Gathering feedback from your customers is key for gaining insight into how your company is really performing.  Combining these three metrics with the...

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Signs You Might Be Failing Your Employees and Your Customers At the Same Time

It is well established that employee experience and customer experience are inextricably linked, but all too often, the focus is on CX to the detriment of EX....

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Best Practices for Chat Surveys

Chat is becoming the preferred method of communication for many customers. It’s efficient, often comes with self-service options and usually really easy to...

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First Call Resolution (FCR): What You Need to Know

First Call Resolution (or First Contact Resolution) is an essential metric for contact centres to show how many customers have their request met the first time...

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