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How a Gamification Strategy Can Improve CX in the Contact Centre

Games aren’t just for kids, so applying gamification principles to your CX strategy in your contact centre can be a really enjoyable way to increase...

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The How-To Guide for Customer Journey Maps

Understanding the customer journey is essential to improving CX. In this guide, you can learn the ins and out of the customer journey and how to effectively...

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Why You Don’t Need to Be a Luxury Brand to Offer a Luxury Experience

In this post, we explore a number of practices employed by luxury brands to deliver winning customer experiences and how you can apply them to your business....

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What Great CX Looks Like in the Subscription Economy

This post explores how CX differs for subscription-based businesses and the keys to excellent service in the subscription economy....

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5 Actionable Statistics to Help You Evolve CX in 2021

These five statistics show opportunities for CX growth and progression in 2021 that any business could take on. Take the time to examine them to see how you...

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Strengthen CX by Introducing Sentiment Analysis to These 3 Channels

While qualitative information from metrics such as NPS, CES, and CSAT is beneficial for understanding how your business is performing, sentiment analysis...

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