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The Ins and Outs of an Effective Case Management System

A good case management system is key to ensuring seamless processes, no matter the communication channel being used. It helps in connecting the organisation by...

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How Price Can Help or Hurt CX

An improvement in CX can allow companies to increase their price but will an increase in price improve a company’s CX? In this blog, we will examine the...

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The Importance of Balancing In Store and Online Customer Experiences

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the closure of many stores across the globe, meaning that consumers were left with no choice but to shop online. Companies missed...

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Why Social Listening is a Necessity for CX Success

Social listening can help companies build superior content, improve promotional campaigns and exceed customer experience and expectations. Opening the doors to...

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Making CX a Top Priority

In today’s digital age, companies can no longer think that having a good product or service offering at the right price can attract customers. Customers only...

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Revisiting The 3 Most Popular CX Metrics

Gathering feedback from your customers is key for gaining insight into how your company is really performing.  Combining these three metrics with the...

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