CX Index™ goes live on the Genesys AppFoundry

CX Index™ a leading Customer Experience Management Software announced today that its Voice of the Customer technology will be featured on the Genesys App Foundry.

Through the Genesys AppFoundry, CX Index™ will deliver enhanced listening capabilities to enterprises and SMBs worldwide. CX Index™ believes that the best way for contact centres to deliver great customer experiences is to empower the front line individuals to take ownership of managing their own performance.

The CX Index™ contact centre suite allows this to happen, by seamlessly enabling front line employees to track their own customer satisfaction providing a clear picture of the aspects of their interactions that customers are satisfied or disappointed with. Not all agents are star players, but some have qualities that can be improved for everyone’s benefit. CX Index™ makes this job easier and removes unnecessary reporting work from managers.

A suite of tools has been carefully designed to enable front line team members to take ownership of improving their own customer service performance, providing the capability to better serve customers and deliver winning customer experiences.

You may need to integrate data from a range of channels and data sets and CX Index™ has spent the time making this job relatively straightforward. Listening to the voice of the customer is something our customers love to do.

About the Genesys AppFoundry

The Genesys AppFoundry provides developers, ISVs, VARs and even customers a path to market via a feature rich marketplace-listing portal that allows our customers to browse and search for new solutions that solve problems or add value in their Genesys environment.

In addition to providing a platform to market for new solutions, the program also gives partners the opportunity to co-market their solution at Genesys events, webinars, and to the press. Finally, the marketplace program provides a commercial model that allows third-parties to directly compensate our sales force for sales of apps listed in the marketplace.