A recent poll showed that despite investment in complaint handling systems and processes, fewer than one in four customers were satisfied with the way complaints were handled by Utility companies.

Issues included suppliers failing to return calls, the attitude of staff, the number of times they had to make calls or complaint, and companies claiming a problem had been resolved when it had not.

Competition in the Utility markets is well advanced, and a key component of competition is the ability of consumers to switch easily between suppliers. While price is the major drivers in the Utility industry, one of the key motivators for a customer switching is poor customer experience.

CX Index has successfully helped Utility companies to deliver better experiences by integrating our platform across the key touchpointds of Utility companies, which the contact centre along electronic billing solutions. Our domain expertise in this arena means we have the right tools at our disposal to help you to deliver lower customer effort scores which is a key driver of loyalty
in this sector.