CX Index has a strong track record in the Utility sector, and we have a deep understanding of the requirements in the industry. 

When it comes to utilities, consumers want to pay the lowest available price whilst exerting as little effort as possible. At CX Index, we understand that in a commodified market the importance and relevance of customer experience are steadily increasing. 

This change comes alongside increased customer expectations and disruptions through innovations in new areas such as contact centre infrastructure, new billing formats, rewards and IOT technologies.

Reputation Management

Bad customer experience can cost utility companies a lot. And while CX Index™ is primarily a customer experience management solution, it is worth noting that we have a second distinct part that is designed to offer businesses a valuable competitive advantage through the delivery of amplified positive brand advocacy. 

CX Index’s Social Advocate™ tool is extremely effective at encouraging your satisfied customers to advocate your brand on important social media review sites such as Google Reviews and Trustpilot, which will help you to gain more customers whilst also improving SEO.

This is often an area in which utilities do not fair very well, so automating the process by which your happy customers review your brand can be hugely beneficial to your business.

We have found that this delivers one of the quick CX wins our customers need to gain traction to tackle the larger fundamental CX problems across the whole organisation. 

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