CX Index™is the most partner-centric
VoC vendor in the world.

Our Channel Partners are expert practitioners with deep industry knowledge, experience, and know-how. We also integrate with best-in-class technology solutions to deliver outstanding differentiated solutions.

The CX Index™ partner edition makes it easy for both our channel and technology partners to deploy and deliver a leading global VoC solution.

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CX Index’s GIVE Partnership Principles


The outlook for our business is global and the partners we work with reflect that. Our carefully selected partners either deliver specialist value and local expertise in their own regions, or work on a global scale. We feel it is important to build relationships with larger and smaller partners alike. 


Innovation is core to the growth strategy of CX Index. The innovation is often created when customers and partners identify gaps that they need to fill in their service offerings. We place a high priority on innovation, and offer new solutions so our partners always have a competitive edge.


Enabling our partners to deliver extra value so all stakeholders win. The value is delivered technically through the creation of solutions that enable our partners to help their customers deliver seamless experiences. It is also delivered commercially so we can be competitive and profitable at the same time.


When entering into partnerships, creating a state of ownership and equilibrium for all stakeholders is critical so everyone benefits. It is no coincidence that we have the acronym of the word GIVE as the four pillars of partnerships as we understand that when the partner wins; we win too.

If you are interested in becoming either a Services Partner or Technology Partner please contact our Partnerships Team on: