Natural Language Processing

Understand how your customers really feel about your brand with CX Index’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine.

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At the heart of the CX Index solution is the curation of feedback. In order to manage feedback at scale, you need a world-class NLP solution. CX Index’s NLP engine will become a major source of strategic advantage with the insights gained for your business.

  • Action text feedback at scale
  • Analyse large quantities of unstructured data
  • Reveal trends and eliminate blind spots

The result?

You can identify ideas for innovation to drive change in your business.

All of this information is available on our intuitive dashboards and intelligent reporting. Pick and choose who sees what information and when so the right people can action feedback at any moment.

Sentiment Analysis

CX Index NLP engine can ingest text from any source, including survey responses, chat, IVR, and social media channels to analyse the sentiment behind what your customers are saying about your brand.

Speech to Text Analysis

You can glean additional value from IVR interactions on the platform with our speech to text listening tools.

Data Categorisation

The machine learning functionality means that the system can attribute text into categories based such as complaints, opinions and questions.