Retail & eCommerce

CX Index makes it easy to distribute and deliver customer feedback on simple-to-use and meaningful dashboards, enabling users to see relevant data and shift seamlessly between Group, Location, Department and even POS or team member levels and empowering your employees to take ownership of the customer experience.

CX Index understands retail and eCommerce. Your customers may pop into your store, click through your website, call in with questions, and build a relationship with your brand along the way. Our omnichannel customer experience reporting allows you to track, optimize, and harmonize the touchpoints in your customer journey for a consistent, seamless experience.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can be a source of value and competitive advantage, but without the right tools and framework, it can also be a complex distraction. Your application of technology makes a material impact.

CX Index will help you align your organization by unifying feedback across channels and departments.

Just as your customers are discerning in their decision making, as a retailer or eCommerce platform you need to choose the right vendor who can help you define success and deliver the outcomes you desire.

Case Study


Learn how Supervalu has improved Customer Experience in over two hundred stores while delivering winning outcomes to the bottom line as proven through calculated ROI since implementing CX Index.